Source code:

  1. Perceptual Quantization Index Modulation (QIM) (rar archive)
  2. Watermark source code for books “Digital Watermarking” and “Digital Watermarking and Steganography” (src)
  3. Dirty Paper Trellis Watermarking code – courtesy of Gwenael Doerr (src) (Instructions)
  4. Ranked Assignment Code (tar archive)
  5. Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Code
    • (original tar archive)
    • (revised (courtesy F. Castanedo) now compiles under gcc 4.1.3 zip archive)
    • patch for gcc 4.3.3 (courtesy of Benjamin Root) patch
      • (Instructions:
        cd MHT/TRACKING/,
        patch -p2 < path/to/patchfile/patch-mht-gcc-4.3.3 )
  6. Stereo (tar archive)
  7. Dynamic Histogram Warping (tar archive)
  8. Contour Grouping and Segmentation (tar archive)
  9. Edge detector (tar archive)

Stego archive:

The published pieces of software and databases are for research purpose
and cannot be exploited for any other purpose (e.g. commercial) without
explicit authorization. There is no guarantee that the provided source
codes do not contain any bug.

This resource repository has been made possible thanks to the inputs of several persons, including M. Barni and G. Cancelli (Università di Siena, Italy), J. Fridrich and M. Goljan (Binghamton University, NY, USA), and A. Ker (Oxford University, UK)

Steganalysis tools

  • Extract the center of mass of the adjacency histogram
    characteristic function as described in [1]
  • Extract the amplitude of local extrema in histograms as
    described in [2]

[1] A. D. Ker, “Steganalysis of LSB matching in grayscale images”,
IEEE Signal Processing
, vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 441–444, June 2005.

[2] G. Cancelli, G. Doërr, M. Barni and I. J. Cox, “Detection of ±1 LSB Steganography Based on the Amplitude of Histogram Local Extrema”, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp. 1288-1291, 2008.

Stego Databases

  • NRCS database as used in [1] (473 MB)
  • Camera database as used in [1] (496 MB)
  • Corel database as used in [1] (1,550 MB)

[1] G. Cancelli, M. Barni, G. Doërr and I. J. Cox, “A Comparative Study of ±1 Steganalyzers”, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, pp. 791-796, 2008.